The Canine Collection

From golden retrievers to english bulldogs, black labs to beagles, the Canine Collection features some of man’s best friends. Looking for a different style? Head to our Design Your Own tool to put your favorite dog on a Tour Visor, Rope Hat, Bucket Hat or other selection of Imperial hat.

For a limited time, we’ve partnered with JT Spencer belts to complete your canine-themed outfit. Based in Richmond, Virginia the JT Spencer team takes great pride in offering our customers the highest quality belt made from only the finest materials.


    • X210B-PUT-853748
      Cooper – The Beagle Original Buckle Cap
    • 5054-AAX-853748
      Benny- The Beagle Performance Rope Cap
  • English Bulldog

    • X210P-C00-853747
      Hank – The White English Bulldog Original Adjustable Performance Cap
    • X210B-GXX-853746
      Meatball – The English Bulldog Original Buckle Cap
    • 5054-A05-853747
      Nigel – The White English Bulldog Performance Rope Cap
    • 5054-A05-853746
      Otto – The English Bulldog Performance Rope Cap
  • Frenchie

    • X210P-GLA-853745
      Sulley – The Fawn Frenchie Adjustable Performance Cap
    • L210-H08-853745
      Buster – The Fawn Frenchie Original Small Fit Cap
    • L210-CCY-853744
      Otis – The Black Frenchie Original Small Fit Cap
    • X210B-SUS-853744
      Winston – The Black Frenchie Original Buckle Cap
    • 5054-AAX-853745
      Archie – The Fawn Frenchie Performance Rope Cap
    • 5054-A05-853744
      Pierre – The Black Frenchie Performance Rope Cap
  • Golden Retriever

    • L210-AXX-853743
      Captain – The Golden Retriever Original Small Fit Cap
    • X210B-PUT-853743
      Bailey – The Golden Retriever Original Buckle Cap
    • 5054-AAX-853743
      Boomer – The Golden Retriever Performance Rope Cap
  • Great Dane

    • X210P-FEE-853740
      Bruno – The Great Dane Original Adjustable Performance Cap
    • 5054-A21-853740
      Duke – The Great Dane Performance Rope Cap
  • Jack Russell

    • X210B-IX5-853742
      Milo – The Jack Russell Terrier Original Buckle Cap
    • 5054-A05-853742
      Carl – The Jack Russell Terrier Performance Rope Cap
  • Labrador

    • X210B-BUE-853738
      Fletcher – The Yellow Lab Original Buckle Cap
    • X210B-NAN-853739
      Murph – The Black Lab Original Buckle Cap
    • 5054-A14-853738
      Toby – The Yellow Lab Performance Rope Cap
    • 5054-A05-853739
      Cooper – The Black Lab Performance Rope Cap
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