Whether you’re traveling by airplane, car, train or … boat, we all need a bit of entertainment to maintain our sanity over the holidays. With that said, we’d like to introduce our new Spotify channel!

Imperial is all about the finer things in life. The back nine at dusk. Cool breeze on a warm night. Relaxing with friends at the beach. Backyard oyster roasts in the fall. Saturday tailgating done right. We hope to bring these vibes to your future travels with some of our favorite tunes.

In addition to our playlists, we’ve also garnered help from our friends like author Tom Coyne, Matt Cardis of Golf in Your State, artist Lee Wybranski, Richard Blanco of Slackertide, and the women of Grueter Golf. Follow along on our Spotify channel and feel free to share your favorite songs with us to include in the future.

Tom Coyne playlist

Matt Cardis, Golf in Your State playlist

Lee Wybranski playlist

Grueter Golf playlist

Richard Blanco, Slackertide

Imperial Surf, playlist