With the launch of the 2020 Imperial Collection came a new line of styles called The DNA Project. It’s inspired by our past products with a nod to modern fit and style. In our 103rd year as a company, we wanted to honor its storied history in golf fashion, so we selected at least one style from each decade between 1950 to 1990. Each hat was selected based on being a best seller, a fan favorite or a product we wanted to resurrect and bring to the modern era. Styles include unique fabrics, from corduroy to nylon and mesh.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring the different styles in The DNA Project line, beginning with the Wynkoop Golf Bucket hat. The Wynkoop is inspired by pieces from our 1950 catalog, and you may remember seeing an 18-time major champion donning a similar style.

In our reinvigorated version, the Wynkoop comes in two colors: khaki and white, with a blue-and-red striped ribbon. Add a patch to the Wynkoop in our Design Your Own tool to add a retro look to your lineup this fall.