We know golfers look at a couple things when they meet on the first tee or see pictures of other golfers: equipment, swing, swag, and … logos. Or in hashtag terms we all like to play #logobingo. While traditional #logobingo is limited to representing clubs, our Design Your Own custom hat tool allows golfers to customize their style and choose from hundreds of trending logos, making #logobingo a whole new ballgame.

Logo culture is ever-present at courses. From the Grill Room to pro shops, you’ll find items adorned with birds, bushes, trees, mountain ranges, state outlines, stylized initials or pretty much everything in between.

Be it at munis or the shores of the Monterey Peninsula. Golfers look at custom logo hats, bucket hats, visors, shirts, belts, shorts … anything that has a custom logo. We’ve all done it. Most of us know the Top 100 logos like the back of our hands and could make out certain ones from 300 yards away.

We’ve all played with or dressed like the #logobingo collector: seeing how many different logos they can wear on their person from head to toe as if they’re each a trophy from their golf travels. But the custom logos that we all enjoy most aren’t the ones we know, but the ones that we don’t know anything about. The ones that actually start a conversation like, “I like that Flamingo logo, where’s it from?”

It doesn’t have to be an exclusive club (we know most of them) like a few elite courses around Philly. Or the aforementioned Monterey Peninsula. No, it’s the course down the street, the obscure minor league baseball team, retro logo that grabs attention everywhere. 

Or the even rarer custom-made logo that sprang from one’s own mind. For business, leisure or pleasure a custom-made logo is always a conversation starter. There’s a reason professional golfers’ endorsement deals include hats, they might be more visible and synonymous with players than bags, caddies, or anything else.

Designing your own hat might seem like a daunting task, but fear not as we have hand-picked more than of your favorite logos. Options range from nautical flags and patches to 3-letter airport codes and outdoorsman symbols.

So, next time you’re playing #logobingo, use that free space to design your own custom hat and have everyone asking, “Where’s that from?”

Designing your own custom hat is easy.

  1. Pick your product. Choose from a variety of classic Imperial hats or tees.
  2. Pick your logo. Choose from hundreds of the most popular logos on the course. From your home stat4e to nautical, we’ve got it all (Want to upload your own logo? Try our designer tool!).
  3. Personalize it. Create a custom message or add your name.