Football season is upon us and for the multitudes of 12th man armchair quarterbacks looking for the newest secret weapon to give their team an edge it didn’t even know it needed, why not design your own hat?

Over the coming months, millions of football fans across the nation will support their team’s week-to-week battles for gridiron greatness with various pre-game rituals, tailgate and parties while decked out in their favorite game day bibs, jerseys and custom hats.  

No element of fandom is more important than the message sent by our game day attire, and the more customized your game day outfit, the more other fans and tailgaters band together with you to support the team. This year, many of us seek to update our looks with some custom flare. So instead of buying the same branded gear millions of others are wearing, try designing your own hat with a look that meets your needs.

For the fortunate many who have the privilege of attending tailgates and games of their favorite team, your support is never more appreciated by other tailgaters than when you deliver something new and unique, like a custom hat showing your support in a never-before-seen display of teams’ colors and logos. Imperial Florida Tailgate Collection Performance Adjustable Hats in Green and White

For the millions of fans watching from bars, basements and dens across the country, the perfect complement to your favorite team branded sweats or jersey can be a custom hat designed with trucker-style mesh or the breathable stretch material. 

Regardless of how you watch your team one thing is certain: the more you customize your fan experience the more other fans support your appreciation for the team. So, take your armchair quarterbacking to the next level and design your own hat to provide your team the decisive extra push it needs … and perhaps your custom hat will become the stuff of legend.

You can design your own hat by checking out the new “Design Your Own” feature on Imperial’s website. Imperial makes it easy: click this link, select the style and material, the colors and add your custom touch, then check out.