With the dog days of summer bringing excessive heat to the links, your choice of golf hats could be the difference between an early departure to the clubhouse or playing through 18. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are real concerns on the course in the months of July and August as temperatures can reach into the 100s in some areas. 

While many individuals tend to strip down to stay cool, when the sun is directly beating down on your skin, it heats your core temperature up quicker. Protecting your face, neck and scalp from the sun is crucial to keeping you cool and protecting your skin from harmful rays. A light hat is an ideal way to achieve this barrier when you’re out on the links.

The key to picking the right golf hat is to opt for breathability, lightweight feel and UV protection. To help you keep those beads of sweat from cascading down your forehead, blurring your vision and sending your ball into the abyss, we’ve broken down the top four types of hats that will keep you cool and your golf game strong through the end of summer.

Mesh Cap

If a golf hat is your “go to” look, mesh caps are your best friend for a hot and sweaty round. While retaining your signature golf cap style, the tiny holes allow for ideal breathability so heat can easily escape from your head rather than bottling up under the brim. 

A normal concern with mesh caps is UV protection. There’s no need to worry though, as these holes are so tiny, they still provide that necessary barrier. It also makes for a more lightweight feel as there are less layers of fabric on the sides and back of the cap.

Our favorite mesh back caps:

  • X110M The Original Lightweight Mesh Back: A mesh back version of our lightest cap with our softest mesh
  • X210SM The Structured Performance Mesh: A performance poly fabric mesh back cap that comes in eight colors and has a mid-structure profile

Golf Visors

Beau Hossler Tour Visor
PGA TOUR player Beau Hossler frequently wears the Imperial Tour Visor on and off the golf course.

Too much hair under that hat to avoid the heat? Opt to go topless! Golf visors reduce the extraneous fabric to let your head breathe with ease while still protecting your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Easier to maneuver than normal golf caps, you can adjust them up or down to better keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. Of course, if you’re missing a little something up top, you’ll want to stay away from visors as they leave your scalp fully exposed.

Some of our favorite golf visors include:

  • The Tour Visor Collection:  Made in the USA, this preppy style is as popular as ever and completely synonymous with the Imperial brand
  • 3136 The Sweetspot Ladies Performance Visor: A performance material visor with a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial sweatband

Bucket Hats

Not your average golf hat, bucket hats are becoming more and more popular on the course. Staples to the wardrobes of Bill Murray and PGA TOUR player Joel Dahmen, they are regarded by many as the best hot weather golf caps. In addition to being lightweight, the wide, 360-degree brim is what gives this hat the winning title.

Joel Dahmen GT08 The Hampton Bucket Hat
PGA TOUR player Joel Dahmen’s preferred hat is The Hampton (GT08) bucket hat.

All caps are designed to provide protection to your face, but when you’re lining up your shot, the sun is beating straight down on your neck and ears. With a bucket hat, these elements of your body are still protected and shaded throughout your game.

A few of our favorite bucket hat styles include:

  • GT08 The Hampton: Features a shorter conservative brim with an adjustable velcro strap and removable chin strap, this hat also comes in four distinct colorways
  • 1371 The Oxford Bucket: This classic bucket hat fends off harmful rays with a 2 1/4″ floppy brim and a satin ribbon

Cooling Hats

Imperial Sun Protection Hats and Bucket Hats
Top row hats include: WSSEA The Seabird Sport in Breaker Blue and the GT01 Sun Protech hat in Gray. The second row features GT08 The Hampton in sand and the Oxford Bucket in white with a red ribbon.

Taking the element of “cool” to a new level, cooling golf hats use the process of evaporation to draw heat away from your scalp. By submerging your hat in cold water before heading to the course, the heat surrounding causes the water to evaporate, pulling the heat from your head to the surface, and cooling everything underneath. The Imperial powered by Coolcore line is the only patented chemical-free golf hat on the market.

Our favorite sun protection style includes:

  • CC050 The Old Norse Watership Cooling Sun Protection Hat: Imperial powered by Coolcore buckets are the only patented, chemical-free golf buckets on the market. The moisture-activated cooling technology will have you feeling cool when the heat is on, while coming in five different colorways